Program Management

We pay close attention to the quality, cost, and schedule, all while monitoring the critical path schedule and we also participate in the vendor and program reviews.

Aircraft Acquisition

We provide thorough guidance to new and experienced owners in order for them to make sound choices after a fair evaluation of their needs.

Fight Operations

The skilled team at IAS provides flight data monitoring for new operations as well as analyzing the established operations and conducting safety audits.

Head of State Aircraft and VIP Aircraft

As specialists in aircraft acquisition, aircraft completion, and flight department organization, IAS is a Lifestyle aviation firm. We work closely with our aircraft interior designers to see that our aircrafts fit our clients’ needs. At IAS we enjoy the challenge of creating an innovative, and sometimes a one of a kind, interior for our clients. We are committed to providing an aircraft that is safe, reliable, and will retain its value for years to come.

If you desire a large cabin, “Head of State,” level aircraft and do not have a desire to go into the smaller corporate airports, then a corporate airliner may be what you are looking for. Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier CRJ, and Embraer ERJ are luxurious, reliable, and safe aircrafts. There are a few ways to acquire a corporate airliner:

  • Purchase a new aircraft from the manufacturer
  • Buy a pre-owned aircraft
  • Acquire an airliner and convert it for corporate service (Most cost effective choice).  

*IAS can be of assistance regardless of the path you choose

IAS has access to all new and pre-owned aircrafts on the market, and can arrange new aircraft delivery positions without waiting up to a few years.  Once your aircraft is purchased, the completion process can begin immediately. Before you contact a manufacturer, Management Company, jet sales firm, or aircraft brokers, contact us and have a team of aviation professionals working for you.

Our Services Include

  • Jets and Helicopters
  • Needs assessment
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
  • Aircraft acquisition
  • Airliner conversions
  • Sports team aircraft
  • Corporate shuttle aircraft
  • Pre-purchase inspection and document review
  • Aircraft completion / aircraft completion oversight
  • Modernization / retrofit / heavy maintenance projects
  • Design and engineering
  • World class aircraft interior designers
  • Operational consulting
  • Maintenance program bridging
  • DAR/DER services

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